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SPARC Indexing offering academic database services to researcher. Indexing is important parameter for any Research Journal/Serial Publication to increase their visibility so that maximum researchers can explore new innovative ideas and opportunities all around the world which includes citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings and any approved documents. Also, Readers can reach the content of their interest through research papers/articles published in the relevant serial publication easily. The decision to include a journal is based on several factors, most importantly a great deal of high quality content, with much more in the pipeline, that is produced on schedule. Please note that electronic journals may be seen as less attractive by some services, although this is beginning to change.

All of indexed journals must use the Logo or name in journal indexing page, if not they will be reject from SPARC Indexing list and will not index in SPARC Indexing.

Indexing Charge: Free

SI-Impact Factor Calculation: Premium

Please Read the Instruction before submitting a journal for Indexing or Impact Factor Calculation

Instruction for Indexing


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