Evaluation Method

The Impact Factor of an academic journal evaluates and ranks the Journal/Serial Publication on basis for academic excellence. It is calculated by the average number of citations to recent articles published in Journal and having various parameter of Research Papers published in a Journal. The parameters are the Quality of Paper Published, Quality of publication, Referencing and reference citation, Indexing & Abstracting, Editorial quality, Consistency of Publication and Research Paper’s publication relevance to title of the paper and Journals. Impact factors are calculated for those journals that are indexed in the Indexing Services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Journal/Serial Publication having a valid ISSN (Online / Print).
  • Journal/Serial Publication having published minimum Six Issues.
  • Journal/Serial Publication must have an International Editorial Board (If the title name specify the International Standard).
  • At least 5 Article must be published in each Issue.

Evaluation Parameters/Methodology

In a Publishing period (Yearly/Half- yearly/ Quarterly/Bimonthly/Monthly), the Sparc impact factor of a journal is the average number of citations received per paper published in journal during more than one preceding time duration. The Sparc Impact Factor will be calculated on the following basis

  • Quality of Scientific/Serial Publications
  • Quality of Papers
  • Paper Formatting
  • Quality of Images and Table Inserted in the Papers
  • Paper Presentation Quality
  • Editorial Quality

Quality of Scientific/Serial Publications:

  • Citation Count: – The number of papers/articles cited for the respective year of publication.
  • Originality: – Original Research, innovation of new ideas or further enhancements, new approaches to solving existing problems. Strict Plagiarism Policy.
  • Scientific Quality:- Scientific validity of fact, methods, calculations and Results
  • Journal Discipline: – Research Paper’s publication relevance to domain of title
  • Indexing and Abstracting: – Journal’s presence in various Indexing Services, Research Databases, directories and Listings.

Paper Formatting/Quality:

  • Uniform Textual Format: – Uniformity of style, size, and typeface for headings, titles, bullets etc.
  • Uniform Page Layout: – Insertion of appropriate page breaks (in case of more than One column), correct size and layout of pages, punctuation consistently and consistent justification for text, callouts, cautions, warnings etc.
  • Listing/Numbering: – Lists, Paragraphs, Figures, Tables, Graphs etc., numbered or lettered consecutively
  • Grammar and Spelling: – Grammatical and Spelling error free.
  • Redundancy: – No duplicate tables and figure titles
  • Table of Contents: – Text and page numbers in table of contents
  • References & their citation: – Format for bibliographic references, i.e. according to any of Citation Style and Citation of Tables, figures & references in the text.

Paper Presentation Quality

  • Journal Website Design: – Ease of use, ease of access to requisite information & archived papers, online submission, payment methods.
  • Acceptability: – Degree of acceptance and presence of journal in the Global Research community.
  • Governing & Managing Body: – Institute/University/College, Publisher, Editorial Board, Advisory Board, Reviewer Team etc.
  • The Cover Page: – Title, ISSN, Frequency, Volume / Issue or Number / Month / Year
  • Structure of Paper: – Adherence of manuscript to the standard structure specified in Author Guidelines (Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Background, Material and Methods used, Results, Conclusion, References).
  • References and Indices:- Proper sequencing in order of their citation in text
  • Consistency of Publication: – Regularity of serial publication.

Editorial Quality

  • Editorial & Reviewer Board: – Detailed qualitative and quantitative information about the Editorial & Reviewer Board members.
  • Editorial Board Members must be from the different country or Universities and From the different Fields.
  • Guidelines for Authors: – Detailed guidelines (instructions) for authors to prepare and submit manuscripts.
  • The language of publication: – Only English.
  • Publication Ethics: – Information regarding Plagiarism Policy and relevant guidelines for Authors/reviewers.
  • Contact Details: – Editor/Publisher(Must be available on the website for E-Journal).
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